Are Your Users Ready to Convert?

Modal windows, welcome screens, lead magnets, and other intrusive & aggressive conversion tactics are considered “best practice” in some circles of the online marketing industry (see an example).

The idea being that you should be aggressive in trying to convert the user as soon as possible, and at every opportunity. Sidebar? Throw in a newsletter signup form. Footer? Download a free excel worksheet, just enter your email below!

There is no doubt that these tactics work—if you implemented them on your site, you would see an increase in leads.

However, it’s helpful to think about where your site visitors are in their journey with your brand.

If they are visiting your site for the first time from a Google search, they don’t know anything about you. Not only are they less likely to give you their email address, but the fact that you are using these aggressive tactics is a signal to them that you might be a spammy, shady company they’d rather not deal with (these are sentiments I’ve seen first hand from user tests).

Instead of going for the kill right away, try using that valuable screen real estate to pull visitors deeper into your site. Provide them more value by educating them on their topic of interest, or show them more about your product and how it works.

Let your visitors become more comfortable with your business, and only then ask for the conversion.

Using prominent CTAs to pull users deeper into your site decreases the chance that they’ll bounce from your site, never to be seen again. Try asking for their email after you have provided them with value (for example, try converting them after viewing 2-3 pages).

We implemented this strategy on a client’s site who saw a bounce rate decrease of over 10%, and an overall conversion rate increase of over 50%!